Hygienic Platform Scale

In environments governed by stringent regulations and hygiene standards. The significance of easy equipment sanitation is as critical as operational excellence. The dynamic landscape emphasizes the necessity for efficient cleaning processes that not only eliminate contamination risks but also boost productivity. Introducing Hygienic Platform Scale weighing platform solutions, meticulously engineered to meet these challenges through an optimized hygienic design.

Attain elevated hygienic standards with remarkable ease, accelerating cleaning speeds by up to 40%. Our innovative open platter design, coupled with stainless steel construction, eliminates moisture accumulation, mitigating contamination risks in regulated settings.

This Hygienic Platform Scale innovation can enhance accuracy by up to 100%, preventing bad batches and reducing product wastage. Invest in PBA639 stainless steel weighing platforms for a reliable solution that ensures both regulatory compliance and operational efficiency.

Maximum Capacity (kg) 3 – 600
Readability (g) 0.1 – 20
Construction Stainless Steel V2A (AISI 304)
Ingress Protection IP69k, IP68
Scale Interface Analog
Platform Size (mm) 300 x 240 – 800 x 600
Repeatability, typical (g) 0.04 – 7.1
Repeatability (sd) (g) 0.04 – 7.1
Readability (Certified) (g) 1 – 200
Hazardous Approval Zone 1/21
Zone 2/22
Non-Hazardous Area
Division 2
Division 1
Cable 2.5 m
Environment Wet & Harsh Wet (≥IP66)
Legal for Trade OIML
Hygienic Design Yes

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